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Performance Kits

The Rotrex range of products is ideal for efficient supply of air and pressure for a variety of OEM applications including Performance cars, ICE downsizing, Hybrids, Fuel Cells, Motorcycles, Watercraft, Snowmobiles, Quads, Paragliders, Electrostatic Spraying, Heat Pumps, Micro Turbines and much more.

  • High mechanical and adiabatic efficiency
  • Ultra-low NVH emision
  • Compact installation
  • Smooth boost increase
  • Designed and tested for OEM

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A new higher capacity supercharger, C38R, Pre-Order campaign!


New industrial turbo compressor for waste heat recovery.

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Rotrex is involved in several development projects with our partners and customers including variable speed superchargers for downsized engines, electrical supercharger solutions for hybrid and fuel cell vehicles and industrial applications, gas turbine compressors as well as industrial compressors and compressors for heat pumps and industrial drying/evaporation/dehydration. Contact us...

We have the capability to develop custom solutions. Please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to work out a quote for you. Contact us...


Key to the Rotrex supercharger's unique compactness, efficiency, low noise and high reliability is its state of the art traction drive technology. Read more...

Rotrex - the inventor of the traction drive supercharger
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