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Electrostatic Spraying

A good example of a resource conserving application of the Rotrex technology is that of high pressure agricultural spraying.

With the application of high pressure spraying devices can reach further and farmers need to invest less time and natural resources when spraying crops. Crop grown on trees can easily be protected, as well.

Electrostatic Spraying Systems, Inc., offers a patent protected technology, based on the extreme efficiency and high pressure capabilities of the Rotrex C type superchargers, in which pesticides get electrically charged, making them stick better to leaves of the crop.

This way, the amount of pesticides needed to protect crop can be reduced by approximately 50%.

At Rotrex we sincerely hope and believe that this method that lowers the burden on the the general environment will find widespread global application. Read more...

Rotrex - the inventor of the traction drive supercharger