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Micro Turbines

During the past 60 years, the gas turbine engine has continuously increased its importance as the leading device for converting thermal energy into mechanical power. With the enormous improvements in power output and efficiency, the range of applications of this relatively young technology has steadily grown.

A recent trend is the application of micro turbines for small-scale power generation up to 100kW. However, significant challenges still remain in terms of efficiency, operating costs and environmental issues to make micro turbines competitive.

One of the main challenges is the high speed of the output shaft. In general the smaller the turbine, the higher the speed.

Micro gas turbines have the potential to significantly reduce costs, lower emissions and improve performance of micro CHP (combined heat power) solutions.

Rotrex has developed prototype gears ranging from 0 to 100kW with efficiency up to 98%. With speed range up to 400.000 rpm, absolute silent operation and a very compact design the down speeded micro turbines have significant cost advantages over alternative CHP solutions with inherent complexity such as reciprocating engines.

Combined Auxiliary power unit and Parking heater (CAP) for trucks include a generator to produce electrical power and a heat exchanger to utilize the waste heat.

Because of the above mentioned advantages the MT generator is the ideal range extending device for various automotive hybrid solutions. Since there is no need for cooling or exhaust systems this new hybrid solution is very cost effective compared to alternative technology.

Because the Rotrex traction drive has a possible drive ratio between 3 and 13:1 it is very useful when the MT is used for driving a propeller as efficiently and silently as possible.

Rotrex - the inventor of the traction drive supercharger