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Performance Kits

Rotrex E-Chargers

With its near vibration free traction drive technology and extremely high efficiency, the Rotrex traction drive compressor lends itself ideally to be mated with a driving electric motor.

The resulting E-charger provides fully variable boost, with virtually no delay in its adjustment, always ensuring the immediate desired air supply at any point in the compressor flow map for as high an overall system efficiency as possible.

Rotrex now offers this E-Charger compressor for fuel cell, industrial, process engineering, educational, automotive and green energy applications.

The E-Charger reflects the current technology advancements in that it enables interested parties in experimenting with and developing solutions, incorporating the compact patented compressed air generation technology offered by Rotrex.

The E-Charger is ideally suited for permanently installed industrial applications as well as development and testing of mobile solutions.

The E-charger prototype is available with the C8, C15, C30 and C38 standard Rotrex compressors. The compressor is directly coupled to a high speed permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) through a high speed coupling system. The result is a small, compact and rugged E-charger unit, with an IP67 ingress protection classification.

Mechanical vibrations are nearly absent due to the direct-drive connection. The E-charger is supplied with rubber shock dampeners to protect the E-charger from external shocks and vibrations.

Download the technical datasheet here.

Rotrex - the inventor of the traction drive supercharger