Design improvements and new manufacturing setup

A highly important input to our product development is customer feedback. Although our superchargers go through hours and hours of testing, the real proving ground is out on the road.

A major design change was introduced in 2016 as a direct response to customer feedback. The high-speed spindle shafts in our C30 and C38 range superchargers were redesigned and significantly strengthened to avoid spindle snapping under certain conditions.

The improved design has succesfully proved itself since its introduction, both in normal day use and in selected pilot projects where it has been tested in the most demanding applications. 

Above improvement is not the only implemented update to our superchargers. We continue to improve our superchargers with the help of our customers, without it, it would be impossible to produce the best centrifugal superchargers on the market!

New manufacturing setup

In 2018 Rotrex changed ownership. The new owner is a company with more than 30 years of experience in supplying high quality components to the automotive industry. Since 2018 several product design improvements have been implemented. Moreover a very large investment was made in 2018 in order to in-source the complete manufacturing process of all precision critical components.


Quality control

Before final release to the market, every product passes through demanding approval tests, fully monitored and controlled by our skilled engineers. Rotrex owns several different type of test-rigs, which is used to ensure correct performance and durability. Even the slightest update to our products envolves lifetime testing, performance testing etc. This is absolutely mandatory to ensure highest possible level of quality which is the core of our products.