Harley Davidson V-Rod
Supercharger Kits

Our distributor work with Harley Davidson models to create max. power.

​HP Charger
115 > 170 C15-60

Harley Davidson V-ROD supercharger kit

The Harley Davidson’s standard power output of 112bhp is adequate for cruising around but when pushed there just isn’t enough torque for those high speed moments.

The TTS solution comes in the form of a C15-60 Rotrex supercharger which boosts power output by a minimum of 40%* This is with a restricted boost pressure of just 0.4 bar (6psi).

This is the limit of the OE fuel pump. With bigger fuel pump and injectors 200 whp is feasible (engine built to suit).

Driveability is fantastic with instant throttle response from idle to redline. All parts are CNC machined in TTS’s workshops to maintain the highest quality available.



Price from: 3650.00 euro excl. VAT

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