BMW 530i Supercharger Kits

Each BMW 530i supercharger system includes all necessary components to ensure safe, reliable operation. Our distributors have developed kits for the following models:

Model HP ​
BMW 530i (E60) 258 > 360
BMW 530i (E60) 258 > 365
BMW 520i (F18) 258 > 360

rottrex supercharger kits bmw 530

Improve engine performance in all sections and feel the new acceleration fun!
The supercharger system has linear power output, no turbo lag, low working temperature, more stable system and longer life.

In the past we often know more than our supercharger kit used in off-road vehicles, such as the Prado 2 . 7 , Patrol 4.0 and so on. Compared with the wild and unrestrained temperament of the off-road vehicle, the BMW 530 will look a bit more stable, but the F18 generation of BMW is still more sporty in its tuning. The 3.0 engine with ZF8 speed combination can also be regarded as being on sale at the time. One of the strongest combinations.

The early 523 , 325 , 130i , X3, etc., are all works we have handled. The percentage of SE-TUNING supercharger package adjusted for power increase is usually 35%-40% , which is a stable and efficient interval.

The installation of the kit was done by our technicians in Yunnan. With early experience, it didn’t take long. The engine compartment space of a car is far less than that of an off-road vehicle. This requires our technicians to reasonably use the original car hole and space for operations.

The supercharger bracket is measured by precision instruments to obtain data and then designed by the designer, and then processed by 7075 aviation aluminum CNC . As for the installation position, we installed the supercharger and bracket on the left side of the engine.

The oil can of the turbocharger is installed on the left side of the engine room like the water cooler. The location of the water cooler is relatively concealed. As a part for cooling the supercharged air, it should not be too far away from the air outlet of the supercharger, so as not to affect the efficiency.

We replaced the bellows of the original car with high-flow shiitake mushroom heads to obtain higher air intake.

The water cooling is placed under the grid and connected with the water cooler and the kettle to cool the supercharged air so as to improve the combustion efficiency of the supercharged air in the engine.

Compared with the original car as a whole, it is difficult to find outliers. 3.0 displacement, not enough space, centrifugal supercharger is almost the best solution to improve the power experience. It does not have the high temperature of the turbocharger, nor does it feel that the turbocharger speed increases suddenly. The slow-climbing power curve fits BMW’s fascinating handling performance. This experience is absolutely intoxicating.

The BMW 530i kit are offered by these kit builders:

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NB! CAP/SE-Tuning: Local customers from China only!