Honda Civic R18 Supercharger Kits

Each Honda Civic R18 supercharger system includes all necessary components to ensure safe, reliable operation. Our distributors have developed kits for the following models:

Model HP ​
Honda Civic R18A 145 > 210
Honda Civic R18Z 145 > 210

Honda Civic Type R18

The main advantage of this kit compared to others is you can install it to actually ANY R18 vehicle, without any additional engine management system.
The kit provides 0.4-0.5 bar of boost enough for 210 flywheel hp, what is acceptable for stock engine, so you don’t need replace engine internals. One of advantages of Rotrex supercharger is linear boost curve, without sharp spikes inherent for turbos. Therefore, you will get pretty much mid range power and horizontal torque curve till the rev-limit, without descent featured natural aspirated and turbo engines. Also linear boost is much better for RWD and FWD cars, because of less tires slippage. And, finally, such kind of boost results less load on engine components, what is especially important for auto transmissions.
Your factory ECU must be send us for reprogramming. If you have a Tactrix Open-port interface, you can buy optionally software from us and re-flash your ECU yourself. Also, if wish, you can tune a car yourself by any standalone or piggyback system available for your car.

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