Honda Freed Supercharger Kit


​Model HP
Honda Freed GB3 (2008-2016) 120 > 150
Honda Freed Hybrid GP3 (2008-2016) 88 >

Complete bolt-on FULL KIT Vehicle inspection compatible!
The compact body of the Freed is made more agile, and the C15-60, which is optimal for the Freed, is used to generate a maximum torque increase of 150ps in the entire area. Catalog value increased by 25%
Smooth and powerful acceleration that matches the CVT extends to high rpm.

The number of parts is small and the installation is easy.
For fuel and ignition control, the attached large-capacity injector and P-MAP (data input completed) are used, and mapping optimization
Air Impulse II is used to reduce intake resistance. Full warranty for 2 years or 50,000 km for the supercharger body. Maintenance of the supercharger is only oil change / filter change
* Oil change time: 2 years or 50,000 km



This product is a GB3 dedicated KIT. Please check the air compressor shape conformity confirmation (common with FIT) separately . (It depends on the model year.)
For GB4 (4WD / 5AT), please contact us as the installation has not been confirmed.

Be sure to use high-octane gasoline.
Use a plug with a heat value of 7 or higher.
Please use the engine oil for turbo (10W40 / 15W50).
We are checking the fuel adjustment with our Air Impulse II.
It is a KIT exclusively for normal vehicles. If you are tuning, you may need to reset it. If you continue to use it, it may cause black smoke or knocking. In that case, please contact us.

The Honda Freed kits are offered by this kit builder:
Please contact them directly by interest. (Click logo to visit)

(local customers from Japan only)



  • Charger body
  • Large capacity injector
  • pulley
  • Air Impulse II
  • ROTREX oil
  • Various S / C brackets
  • P-MAP (installed)
  • V-belt
  • Oil cooler
  • Oil reserve tank
  • Piping
  • Silicon hose
  • Oil hoses
  • Oil line
  • Oil filter for ROTREX
  • Others: Bolts, nuts, collars, clips, nipples, adapters, various stays, various brackets, hose bands, etc.

The main body of the charge comes with a 2-year warranty.