Porsche 993 4S
Supercharger Kits

Our distributor work with Porsche models to create max. power.

The supercharger system provides instant progressive power. Porsche 993 4 S share the Turbo model’s bodyshell, but house the naturally aspirated engine.

​HP Charger
285 > 350 C38-71

The all-wheel-drive 4S is heavier than the S and therefore needs more power. The installation of a Rotrex supercharger will make this car as fast as the turboversion. The lowered suspension in this version improves roadholding and the car is able to handle the extra power needed for higher top speed.
Since the nice looking wide bodywork creates more aerodynamic drag the extra power is welcome for increased top speed.
The wider tires on this model result in excellent roadholding and secures sufficient traction when the Rotrex boost comes in.

Since all 993 engines are air-cooled, thermal control is very important. The high efficiency of the Rotrex supercharger secures low temperature in the inlet air. Therefore a smaller intercooler can be used. This combined with the small size of the Rotrex supercharger makes the installation easy and robust.

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NB! The Porsche 993 4S supercharger kit is only available as local project at TVS Engineering in the Netherlands.