Toyota Fortuner Supercharger Kits

The kit includes all the needed brackets, parts, and fasteners to allow a trouble free, no hassle installation.
Our distributors have developed kits for the following models:

Model HP ​
Toyota Fortuner (CNG Conversion) 176 > 275
Toyota Fortuner 176 > 315
Toyota Fortuner (1GR 4.0L V6) 236 > 354
Toyota Fortuner (2.7 VVTi 2TR) 160 > 227

The overall operation of the supercharger system is nearly completely silent. It is always a crowd pleaser!

The Toyota Fortuner kits are offered by these kit builders:

Please contact them directly by interest. (Click logo to visit)

NB! CAP/SE-Tuning: Local customers from China only!