Toyota Harrier Supercharger Kits

​HP Charger
115 > 156 C30-64

Supercharger kit for the Toyota Harrier (2.4 VVTi 2AZ).

The primary advantages of supercharging over turbo charging are instant throttle response and more boost at low engine speed. Because a supercharger is belt driven off the crankshaft, it can deliver boost the instant the throttle is opened.

Centrifugal type deliver boost in a linear fashion in relation to engine speed-the faster the engine speed the more boost pressure.This type of Supercharger gives a very smooth OEM feel to the power delivery. A bolt-on supercharger can add anywhere from 30 to 200% more Power and Torque to an otherwise stock engine.

About the C30-64

  • Is a range of centrifugal supercharges with a very versatile application range
  • Cover combustion engines ranging from 1 to more than 4.5 litres producing up to 400hp
  • Very low noise and vibration characteristic are state of the art among vehicle forced induction

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