Fuel Cell Compressors

Rotrex was one of the pioneers in the development of air compressors for fuel cell systems. Close corporation with some of largest fuel cell producers has resulted in class leading compressors designed to boost the next generation of fuel cell systems.

The technology and key benefits

The compressor is a combination of a low speed PMSM motor, coupled directly together with the patented Rotrex traction drive spinning a high efficient centrifugal compressor. The result is a class leading air compressor, that offers unmatched reliability.

The compressor concept is scaleable and whilst the first developed EK10AA compressor is designed for fuel cell systems up to 100kW, we will soon be introducing a compressor designed for systems up to 400kW.

Key benefits

  • Clean Oil-free, linear and non-pulsing air supply
  • Ultra-compact, lightweight and flexible integration
  • Automotive design – high resistance to shock/impacts
  • Class-leading efficiency
  • Unmatched reliability due to low speed motor concept

EK10 Fuel Cell Compressor



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EK10AA Specifications

Below you can find specifications for our EK10AA compressor which is designed for fuel cell systems up to 100kW. We will soon be introducing a compressor designed for systems up to 400kW. Please contact us for more information about this.

For full specification sheet, please contact us at support@rotrex.com

Characteristic EK10AA-PT54 EK10AA-PT57*
Recommended air mass flow range 0,025 – 0,080 kg/s 0,060—0,110 kg/s
Recommended pressure ratio range (**) 1,4 – 2,2 1,4 — 2,0
Physical dimensions (LxHxW) 321 x 155 x 188 mm
Weight (operational) ≈ 13 kg
Internal drive ratio 1 : 8.44
Maximum motor shaft speed 16.600 RPM
Maximum impeller speed 140.000 RPM
Rated motor power 13 kW
Enclosure rating IP67 minimum

(*) For possible operation with PT57, please contact us for more information (support@rotrex.com).

(**) With current impeller design. Dedicated impeller design is possible to match customer requirements.

Compressor maps - EK10AA

Dedicated impeller geometries for maximization of aerodynamic efficiency. Compressor maps are created on our own in-house SAE flow rigs.

CAD models

For CAD model of the EK10AA and inverters, please send an inquiry to support@rotrex.com.


The EK10AA is designed for a system life of 20.000 Hours, with preventive maintenance each 5.000 Hours*.

Maintenance procedures should be able to be performed quick and safely, ensuring lowest possible downtime of the Fuel Cell. Therefore, through almost a decade of experience with the Fuel Cell industry, we have incorporated into the design, the most simple maintenance procedure to date.

*Application dependant.

Why Rotrex and Fuel Cells?

Rotrex has existed for more than 20 years and develops, produces and markets centrifugal superchargers for a wide range of industries based on patented traction technology for OEM, OES, and aftermarket companies worldwide.

For the past decade, fuel cell applications has been part of our business, with references to the majority of global Fuel Cell companies.

Please send us an email if you want to know more: support@rotrex.com