Fuel Cell Compressors

Rotrex was one of the pioneers in the development of air compressors for fuel cell systems and close corporation with some of largest fuel cell producers has resulted in class leading and cost effective solutions.

The first systems were introduced to the market more than 10 years ago and since then more than 1200 fuel cell compressors have been sold. All critical components are produced in Denmark in high-tech facilities where assembly, testing and final quality inspections also takes place.

The technology and key benefits

The compressors are based on our patented high speed traction drive, which is spinning a high efficient centrifugal compressor. The result is a class leading air compressor, that offers unmatched reliability.

Key benefits

  • Clean Oil-free, linear and non-pulsing air supply
  • Ultra-compact, lightweight and flexible integration
  • Automotive design – high resistance to shock/impacts
  • Class-leading efficiency
  • Unmatched reliability
  • Cost effective solution


Compressor specifications

Below you can find specifications for our generation 1 and generation 2 systems. Our firstly developed generation 1 systems are best suited for research and development in laboratory environments, whereas the generation 1 systems are developed and optimized for mobile applications in the field.

Generation 1 Generation 2

Generation 2 systems

Characteristic EK10AA EK40AA*
Suitable fuel cell power range 20 – 100 kW 100 – 400 kW
Recommended air mass flow range 0,025 – 0,080 kg/s 0,1-0,3 kg/s
Recommended pressure ratio range 1,4 – 2,2 1,4 – 2,8
Physical dimensions (LxHxW in mm) 321 x 155 x 188 450 x 250 x 220
Weight (operational) ≈ 13 kg ≈ 30 kg
Internal drive ratio 1 : 8.44 1 : 7.5
Maximum motor shaft speed 16.600 RPM 16.000 RPM
Maximum impeller speed 140.000 RPM 120.000 RPM
Rated motor power 13 kW 40 kW
Enclosure rating IP67 minimum IP67 minimum

*Preliminary design in development – will soon be available. Contact us for more details.

Generation 1 systems

Characteristic EC15  EC30 EC38 
Suitable fuel cell power range 75 – 200kW 120 – 300 kW 180 – 500kW
Recommended air mass flow range 0,08 – 0,22 kg/s 0,12 – 0,36 kg/s 0,12 – 0,55 kg/s
Recommended pressure ratio range 1,4 – 2,4 1,4 – 2,6 1,4 – 2,6
Physical dimensions (LxHxW in mm) 350 x 250 x280 545 x 260 x 270 545 x 260 x 270
Weight (operational) ≈ 16 kg ≈ 38 kg ≈ 39 kg
Internal drive ratio 1 : 12,67 1 : 9,5 1 : 7,5
Maximum motor shaft speed 17.500 RPM 12.650 RPM 12.650 RPM
Maximum impeller speed  216.000 RPM 120.000 RPM 90.000 RPM
Rated motor power 17 kW 59 kW 59 kW
Enclosure rating IP67 minimum IP67 minimum IP67 minimum

Custom-made Fuel Cell Compressors

Besides our standard compressors, we also have the possibility to develop custom-made compressors to suit your specific demands. Contact us if you are interested in more information about this possibility.

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Test and Flow-Rigs

A vital tool in our customer support process is our series of in-house test and flow-rigs, each purpose built to offer the highest level of quality products on the market.

Testing ranges from flow rigs manufacturing the most accurate compressor maps according to SAE standards to durability rigs designed for continuous operation under maximum loads.

With our new Fuel Cell compressor we have created a test cell simulating a Fuel Cell system with a wide-range, fully variable DC supply which makes it possible to set the parameters to the customer’s exact specifications and verify the performance accordingly.

If you are interested in our fuel cell compressors and would like to know more about what we can offer, or even test and confirm your target operation points, please send an inquiry to .

Why Rotrex and Fuel Cells?

Rotrex has existed for more than 20 years and develops, produces and markets centrifugal superchargers for a wide range of industries based on patented traction technology for OEM, OES, and aftermarket companies worldwide.

For the past decade, fuel cell applications has been part of our business, with references to the majority of global Fuel Cell companies.

Please send us an email if you want to know more: support@rotrex.com